Are people doing low-carb diets anymore! Is it actually for health reasons?

Are people doing low-carb diets anymore! Is it actually for […]

Are people doing low-carb diets anymore! Is it actually for health reasons?

Should we all double think the low-carb diet?

Is there anyone who has not been on or known someone on a diet based around the concept of low carbs. It certainly was very common not so long ago. The science is suggesting however that its unhealthy! Carbohydrate is essential to our bodies and going low carb is bad for you! This is what the science is saying!

what is the Science Telling Us?

Well lets begin from first principles and lets make our definition clear so that we are thinking about the same thing.Lets define carbohydrate and lets place it in context as a food source. So! Carbohydrate is any substance that the body recognises as fibre, starch and sugar. These compounds are distinctively in 3 categories which are sugar, starch and fibre. So carbohydrate has 3 types but also as a single unit carbohydrate too is part of a trio of food sources for our bodies being carbohydrate, fat and protein. However most of the energy that our brains and bodies consume comes from carbohydrate… immediately people become alarmed because is mental and physical normal functioning being affected! What is you are training a lot and remove carbs. If carbs is needed for normal functioning what happens when we ask our bodies to act beyond normal to rapidly develop muscle tissue for example! Is it still even healthy to remove carbs! the body puts energy (as glucose) into our muscles like a bank to draw on and also in the liver, but if you remove carbs then what happens to those stores! Well the body can use protein but then that protein is being diverted away from its job of tissue repair, maintenance and tissue building! There are big implications to all of this!
but we have choices in our carb consumption. we have those 3 optiones, sugar,, fibre and starch and the science is saying opt for fibre!

Understanding what the researchers are doing and getting access to that insight is made possible through sources such as the Lancet Public Health. From such resources ideas backed by science emerge and are telling us all in large numbers that the research is in on several very revealing scenarios! Isolating when low card is negative and what is negative about is so well illustrated by the research that showed decreased lifespan linked to a low carb diet! the particular research the Lancet published showed a lifespan extension of 3 years based on a carb diet of above 65%! Not only this but mental functioning and specifically dementia resilience was increased by the high carb diets! Again think it through this can be fibre as fibre is a carbohydrate!

But what other elements can we be thinking about when it comes to training! The wealth of research and anecdotal evidence is pointing again and again that warming up has benefits. that injury care is extremely important and one can even administer pain relief gels. Drinking water has benefits to health and little but often is the best way! Resting or R&R, taking it easy and switching off is very important for everyone including athletes! So not only carbs is a possible performance edge for you! Checking around the research will reveal many ways to improve your performances via training and training methods!

Very best wishes!

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