The New Men’s Ford Mustang Officially Launches with Signature Design Authentic to the iconic Car.

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The New Men’s Ford Mustang Officially Launches with Signature Design Authentic to the iconic Car.

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The official Ford Licensee and one of the leading manufacturers and fragrance distributors on the global market – Palm Beach Beaute Inc. announces the launch of the new Men’s Ford Mustang Fragrance. The new cologne is a vehicle of dreams and aspirations – it conveys bold, unique and fearless emotions, with an authentic design connection to iconic Ford Mustang car. The fragrance packaging incorporates signature design cues in regard to shape, color, texture and motion. The glossy, red saturation of the bottle glass hearkens to the Mustang’s most popular color. The overall silhouette of the bottle emulates the curves and symmetry of the front grill. As with the grill, the cap features the honeycomb execution which is associated with power and performance, at the same time is the exterior facing for the engine, and in the case of the package design, is the facing for the pump and actuator…the engine of the bottle. Tactile elements, further enhance the package, resulting in a presentation that is modern, sleek, masculine, approachable and recognizably Mustang. Executed in a combination of clear acetate and black paper board, this unique carton presents the bottle as the main focal point.
 as a car is presented in the showroom… creating emotional connection by attracting the consumer and allowing the appreciation of it’s design. FRAGRANCE NOTES: Top: Grapefruit, Tarragon, Lemon Zest. Middle: Mint, Galbanum, Lavender Bottom: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musks Size: The Fragrance is available in 100ml EDT size, and retails at $25. Available online at:
The Ford Mustang Fragrances has entered the ever-evolving market with the social media angle, and is gaining traction connecting directly with the consumers around the world on instagram @fordmustangFragrances #fordmustangfragrances reaching the core audiences and having the ability to tell its compelling story to the Ford Mustang Fans, Lifestyle and fashion community on a day basis. ###

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