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On court, referees are charged with managing the flow of a game, overseeing its fairness and being an authority figure – basically they are the boss. ACME whistles, the inventors of the original sports whistle, have therefore pulled together a range of Christmas gifts to help referees across the country – boss the court.

New Acme Thunderer 60.5/59.5/58.5/58 Matt Black

Cost: from £8.49

Invented by ACME in 1884 by John Hudson, and his son, the founders of ACME whistles; the ACME Thunderer was the world’s first pea whistle. The Acme Thunderer whistle and its variations have since become the world’s best-selling whistle favoured by referees at the highest level across a wide range of sports.

The base of this stunning matt black whistle is made from solid brass and contains a pea producing a clear high pitch. The newest addition to the range, the Acme Thunderer in Matt Black (from £8.49), is also available in a range of finishes including a plastic model (from £3.99); nickel (from £6.99), sterling silver (from £14.99) & gold plated (from £17.99).

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ACME Thunderer Finger whistle

Cost: from £3.49

The classic Acme Thunderer has been attached to a comfortable strap where and agility is paramount.

The same quality of sound and craftmanship is prominent in this specialist sports whistle, yet it’s ergonomic finger strap, perfected over decades by the team at ACME through its use in elite sport, adds control whist in the thick of the action.

The ACME Thunderer Finger whistle is available in a range of finished including composite plastic (from £3.49), nickel plated (from £8.99), antique brass or matt black (from £10.49), sterling silver plated (from £18.99), rose gold plated (from £22.49) or gold plated (from £23.99).

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Solid silver ACME Thunderer 59.5/58.5/58

Cost: from £99.99

For something special, the team at ACME Whistles have developed a solid silver range of ACME Thunderer sports whistles using the same reliability and quality yet making them entirely from sterling silver.

Available in three sizes 59.5 (from £99.99) 58.5 (from 114.99) and 58 (from £139.99) these are sure to be the envy of any referee’s toolkit.

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Miniature ACME Thunderer Whistle Necklace or Cufflinks

Cost: from£99.99 and £149.99 respectively

With the launch of the prestige range at ACME Whistles there is the perfect gift with miniature working replicas of the World-Famous ACME Thunderer Whistle included on accessories from Necklaces to cufflinks. This gift will mean that you will never be far from your whistle!

Both gifts are hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office and are available in Sterling silver (Neckless £99.99; Cufflinks £149.99), Gold (Neckless £104.99; Cufflinks £154.99) and Rose Gold (Neckless £104.99; Cufflinks £154.99).

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Based in Birmingham, Acme Whistles are the inventors of many of the world’s whistle designs used around the world in sport, the services and dog training. Ben McFarlane, Marketing Director from ACME Whistles, said; “We are proud of our heritage and the role we have played in designing and making the world’s best whistles. Every whistle that leaves our hands has been lovingly crafted and tested making it the perfect present for any referee around the world.”

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