Bump Boxes is a monthly subscription box for expecting women. www.bumpbox.co/C9tRS

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Bump Boxes is a monthly subscription box for expecting women. bumpbox.co/C9tRS


We are Christine & Leland, founding parents of Bump Boxes.
It was an amazing feeling when we first found out we would begin our adventure as parents in 2013. We couldn’t wait to bring our daughter into the world! Like all parents, keeping our child safe was our number one priority. It didn’t take long to realize that was going to be harder than we expected!
We quickly learned that tons of the products we used every day were actually full of dangerous chemicals that could potentially harm our little bump. The worst part? Most mommies don’t even realize that these chemicals exist! We decided to dedicate ourselves to finding the safest, most effective pregnancy products and ensuring healthy pregnancies around the world!
And now we’re excited to introduce Bitsy Boxes!
We knew it was time to expand our brand to include mamas that want to continue that same level of care for their little ones past pregnancy! Our boxes are now able to continue until Baby’s 3rd Birthday, creating a playful experience for Mama and her little Bitsy!

Bump Boxes help moms & expecting moms take more of an active role in their baby’s health. Moms have enough to worry about! They shouldn’t have to worry about the potentially harmful chemicals in their day-to-day essentials. We offer safe pregnancy and baby products moms can TRUST. You can choose a bundle we designed or you can customize your own at >>> bumpbox.co/C9tRS

When you’re expecting, we deliver! 5-8 fun and healthy products tailored to Mom’s due date, selected by real Moms! Sign up today! >>> bumpbox.co/C9tRS

Bump Boxes is a safe, healthy marketplace for mom and baby! Subscriptions tailored to your due date, pick a curated Bump Box or shop our store and build your own! Join the fun today!! bumpbox.co/C9tRS

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