Bupa launches gene-ius DNA testing kit > www.bupa.co.uk/smartdna

Bupa launches gene-ius DNA testing kit > www.bupa.co.uk/smartdna FACEBOOK | […]

Bupa launches gene-ius DNA testing kit > www.bupa.co.uk/smartdna


Millions of Britons could improve their health with the help of a ‘gene-ius’ new home testing kit
DNA kit highlights how individuals may respond to stress, caffeine, alcohol, and physical activity
New test is available to buy now and in selected Bupa Health Clinics

Millions of Britons could improve their health thanks to a ‘gene-ius’ new health testing kit.

Half of British adults – around 25 million people – admit they would make lifestyle changes immediately if their genetics told them more about how food, drink, exercise and sleep links to the condition of their health and wellbeing.

The research was conducted by Bupa Health Clinics to mark the launch of the Bupa SmartDNA test, which analyses how an individual’s genetic makeup may respond to certain lifestyle behaviours such as stress, caffeine, alcohol and quality of sleep.

Over a quarter of adults said understanding more about the impact of their habits on their health and how their body responded to various factors would hit home, with a quarter also saying they would seek help or advice from clinical experts on how to make a change. Only 3% said they would ignore such information as it’s not something they would worry about.

The simple saliva swab test will help highlight optimal diet type, sensitivity to particular food groups, response to alcohol and caffeine consumption, while shedding light on your body’s response to stress and helping to optimise sleep. It will also help understand how your genetics may affect the way you respond to different types of exercise, helping the individual learn more about how they can make positive changes to improve their health and wellbeing.

Sarah Melia, Clinics Director, Bupa Health Services, said: “We’re always looking to innovate to improve our offering to our customers and that’s why we’re providing access to Bupa SmartDNA. People are now much more engaged in their health and want to know how they can make improvements to their lifestyle, so this is a big step in giving them a more holistic view of their health.

“We all know that poor sleep and too much caffeine, alcohol and stress aren’t good for our health but when we learn more about how our bodies naturally react it does hit home and, therefore, we can take action. This isn’t just about spotting the ‘bad’ – it’s about understanding what your body positively responds to, and using that information to make smarter choices so you can make real-life changes to your health and wellbeing.”

The kit can be purchased online or over the phone with individual results available within 15 working days, while users will also receive a follow-up call from a lifestyle coach trained in behavioural change who will explain the findings. The service also includes a personalised wellbeing plan which will support individuals to personalise their approach to a healthy lifestyle and improve their physical and mental wellbeing, as well as a 12-week diet plan with suggested recipes tailored to their results.

Sarah continues: “What’s important is not just knowing about your health, but also getting the right support to make necessary changes. This test gives a better understanding of how your body works and, by using that information alongside a Health Assessment, we can create a bigger picture and help people to understand the impact of their lifestyle and provide support to help them be happier and healthier in the long term.”

Bupa SmartDNA is available now, online and in three London clinics, for £169 as a standalone, or for £139 as an add-on to a Bupa Health Assessment. For more information head to www.bupa.co.uk/smartdna or call 03714 542799.

Your Bupa SmartDNA kit will be sent out in the post within three days of buying online
When it arrives, open it up and your swab will be inside along with details on how to access your results online afterwards
Simply swab around your mouth for a minute – whether you’re at home on the sofa, at work on your lunch break, or wherever you’re most comfortable – and then post it back for free
The lab will have your results ready online within 15 days
A personal lifestyle coach will then be in touch to help you plan a smarter lifestyle tailored to your DNA.