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Dogs Experience Stress Just Like You…

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Dogs Experience Stress Just Like You

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These days many people think of their four-legged friends as part of the family. And, just like your spouse or partner, we can sometimes pass along the stress and anxiety we are feeling onto our pets. Managing your stress is one thing, but how can you ensure that your best buddy remains calm and stress-free.

You’re probably very familiar with your responses to stress. And, you can probably tell when your closest friends or partner are feeling overwhelmed also. But, what about your beloved canine?

Causes of Stress in Your Pet

Just like you, your pet may feel stressed for many reasons (fear, separation, aging), but did you know that your emotional health and stress levels can also impact your pet’s stress level? Yes, according to a published report by Scientific Reports, “dogs, to a great extent, mirror the stress level of their owners.”

So, how can you help Fido feel and act his best? These days one of the most talked-about options is the calming properties found in CBD oil. One such company, Hemppy Dog, a holistic wellness brand specifically developed to relax dogs during stressful situations, is taking pet health one step further by incorporating much-needed Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils to help strengthen your pet’s digestion, heart health, skin, and coat while helping to manage anxiety.

Grown and manufactured in the US with the highest manufacturing standards, Hemppy Dog products are Non-GMO and are safe for all breeds. In addition, Hemppy Dog products are GPM certified, which guarantees that it complies with food regulations.

Are you thinking about adding CBD oil to your pet’s wellness plan? Now is a great time to try Hemppy Dog as the company is donating $1 from every bottle sold to pet charities across the US to help vulnerable dogs in need.

Hemppy Dog founders are working closely with 20+ pet charities across the US to help find forever homes for every dog. Interested in learning more, visit them online at

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