Max 2 by Lovense designed for your pleasure…

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Max 2 by Lovense designed for your pleasure…


Max 2 Bluetooth Male Masturbator

About Lovense

Inspired by the frustrations of his own long distance relationship, the founder has been experimenting with sex tech since 2010. Lovense’s CEO decided to make his&her toys, that can be controlled via the Internet by a long distance partner or by the user with Bluetooth. In 2013, we released our first products, Max and Nora – the world’s first two-way interactive long distance sex toys. Since then we have added to our product collection to provide pleasure in the multitude of ways you deserve regardless of whether you are a solo user, M/M couple, F/F couple or M/F couple.

We continue to lead in the sex tech field. In May 2015, we became the first company to have our toys integrated with virtual porn for the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and other VR headsets. In November 2015, we released the first sex toy able to be controlled via an Apple Watch.

There is more innovation coming… like our page to follow us and keep updated as we continue to innovate in the sex tech space!

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