MORE CHILDREN ABLE TO USE AN IPAD THAN SWIM WITH CONFIDENCE (Information revealed here by… Capri-Sun who teamed up with GB Paralympic quintuple gold medal swimmer, Ellie Simmonds OBE recently. (

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Capri-Sun teams up with GB Paralympic quintuple gold medal swimmer, Ellie Simmonds OBE, to re-launch their Fruity Water and encourage families to get swimming this back-to-school season as part of a healthy lifestyle

· Almost half (43%) of UK children under ten are unable to swim or afraid in the water, despite the acknowledgement of swimming in the UK national school curriculum

· 92% of UK parents agree swimming is an essential life skill for children to learn

· Technological abilities exceed vital active skills amongst younger generations, with children aged 5-15 more likely to know how to use an iPad (83%) than how to swim with confidence (68%).

London, 16th August, 2019 – To celebrate the re-launch of Fruity Water, Capri-Sun have also partnered with Better, the UK’s largest provider of swimming lessons, to commission a deep-dive survey into kids’ swimming abilities across the UK. The survey reveals almost half of UK children under ten are either unable to swim or afraid in the water (43%), with the perceived expense of swimming lessons voted the main obstacle preventing children from learning to swim (21%).

As revealed by the survey:

· With back-to-school around the corner, children are twice as likely to have spent their school summer holidays engaged in screen-based activities, such as playing on the iPad, scrolling on social media, or playing video games – than getting involved in sporting activities (23%).

· Over two thirds (62%) of UK parents admit their children would benefit from more active-play during term-time, such as swimming, but more than a quarter of UK families can never find the time to visit their local swimming pool (26%).

As well as getting active, staying hydrated is an essential part of keeping children healthy and focused during term-time, yet over a third of parents admit they struggle to get their children to drink water regularly because they want to drink something more exciting than plain water (33%), or do not like the taste (19%). Capri-Sun’s Fruity Water is a water-based drink made with 96% water plus fruit juice. It contains no added sugar, artificial colours or preservatives. The product comes in all-new transparent pouch packaging, with two flavours in the range: Lemon & Lime and Peach & Apricot. The range offers parents a guilt-free solution to pop into their children’s lunchboxes, helping to keep their little ones hydrated while putting a smile on their faces too.

To help UK families make the plunge into a more active lifestyle and find quality time to spend together, Capri-Sun and Better will run a programme of activities, culminating in the chance for parents to win exclusive swimming prizes through purchasing redeemable Fruity Water packs at selected retailers, available starting January 2020. Parents will get the opportunity to win a range of prizes including discounted swimming lessons offered at Better facilities across over 100 indoor swimming pools throughout the UK.

As stated by Simon Harrison, Capri-Sun spokesperson and VP Commercial Development at CCEP, “Swimming is a vital life skill that should be made accessible for everyone, and that’s why Capri-Sun are on a mission with Better to equip the nation’s children with the skills they need to swim. We know parents are under the spotlight when it comes to how they look after their children’s health. In re-launching Fruity Water, we aim to offer parents an easy, guilt-free choice that not only brings joy to their children, but also helps to keep them hydrated too. We have always encouraged moments of carefree, family fun alongside an active lifestyle, so we are very excited to be partnering with Better as part of our Fruity Water launch, so we can help families across the UK embrace active, playful moments.”

Donna Wardell, Brand Manager at Better comments: “We are delighted to collaborate with Capri-Sun to offer UK families the opportunity to get their little ones to spend time in the water in a safe environment with qualified professionals. Capri-Sun shares our belief that swimming is an essential skill that should be made accessible to all – and that it should be fun, exciting, and affordable for families in the process. Our partnership with Capri-Sun could not be more fitting for these reasons.’’

Ellie Simmonds OBE, GB Paralympic quintuple gold medal swimmer, adds ‘’I’m beyond excited to partner with Capri-Sun to reinforce the importance of swimming for people of all ages. I am always eager to share my experience and tips to facilitate the learning process and reassure everyone that swimming is not only a vital skill but also an empowering and fun physical activity. I hope to inspire families to get in the water and enjoy their time together this back-to-school and beyond.’’

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