Panasonic Grooming finds the importance of team comradery in male friendships as with the new play with Style 2020 Trend Report’ …

Half time vs. hug time… the importance of team comradery, […]

Half time vs. hug time… the importance of team comradery, and more specifically ‘touching’… the Trend Report.

Half time vs. hug time.

Panasonic’s Play With Style Trends Report has identified how the sporting environment is allowing men to express their feelings and nurture connections with their teammates, highlighting importance of physical and emotional expression.


Teams who ‘touch’ more frequently (high fives, hugs, scrums etc) are more likely to win games – something the England rugby team have been adopting with more regular huddles under Owen Farrell.

With really relevant insights into the link between male friendship, mental health and sport, Panasonic’s report has identified this as the ‘Modern Brethren’ trend, showing how men are consciously creating new models of friendship based on emotional vulnerability, helping to counter loneliness and find connection, in a world where 31% of men feel lonely.

Within the report male friendship expert Dr. Geoffrey Grief explains, “Men tend to have side-by-side friendships which allows them to spend time together through structured activities like sports.”

This side-by-side friendship model, reflected in the head down rugby scrum as men all push for the team, showcases how friendship has become a marker of what it means to be a man today, with the Play with Style report identifying:

Friendship (43%) and compassion (48%) rank as more important to the modern man than career (37%), beliefs (28%) and politics (13%)

The full trend can be seen here (and below) >>