Planning to host a summer soiree – or just a casual barbecue in the garden? Then look no further! SodaStream’s cordless sparkling water maker, the Spirit, is the perfect party essential, allowing you to make an unlimited supply of sparkling drinks for your guests.

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Looking to do some homemade mixology? It couldn’t be easier with our brand-new range of Fruit Drops and Soda Press flavours. Many of them are low in sugar, in addition to being gluten-free and vegan friendly, so our cocktails can be your not-so guilty pleasure!


SodaStream’s slim sparkling water maker has been designed to fit into any kitchen space, without needing electricity, for all of your at-home carbonation needs. The reusable bottle reduces plastic waste, coupled with the convenience of unlimited sparkling water any time you like.

Available in Black, White, Red, Pink and Ice Blue.

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Price: £99.99

SodaStream Spirit One Touch

SodaStream’s newest electric sparkling water maker carbonates water at the touch of a button. Entertain your guests at ease with the convenience of sparkling water any time you like – no need to carry cases of sparkling water to your home. The Spirit One Touch offers three distinct levels of carbonation for perfectly customised drinks.

Available in Black.

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Price: £129.99

SodaStream Crystal

The SodaStream Crystal sparkling water machine takes your tap water from flat to fizzed in seconds with a stylish and sleek dishwasher-safe glass carafe that you’ll want to display.

Available in Black.

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Price: £149.99


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