Vegan Bodybuilder, Nutritionist and You Tuber Paul Kerton AKA Hench Herbivore shares his Top Five Performance-Boosting Plant Foods

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Vegan Bodybuilder, Nutritionist and You Tuber Paul Kerton AKA Hench Herbivore shares his Top Five Performance-Boosting Plant Foods

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Beetroot is full of nitrates, which, once transformed into nitric oxide by the body, are powerful vasodilators. Opening up the blood vessels, allows oxygen and nutrients to more easily be delivered to working muscles and helps to clear waste products more readily. The result, more stamina and therefore the potential for more work to be done!

For bodybuilders, it has the added benefit of making veins pop out all over the place. You know so that everyone other than other bodybuilders will say that you look gross! According to the data, 140ml of juice, 2-3 hours pre-workout was optimal for endurance athletes.

As a larger strength athlete, I wonder whether I may benefit from more? I buy it in 1-litre cartons and do five workouts per week, so I aim for 200ml of what I am convinced is the healthiest pre-workout in the world!

Quinoa is a nutritionally dense grain (pseudo-grain technically). It’s chock-full of slow-burning complex carbohydrates and also B-Vitamins which help metabolise the carbs into energy for the body.

It has much more of the minerals copper, iron and magnesium relative to brown rice, with the added benefit that it also has a whopping 14g of high-quality, muscle building protein per 100g dry weight.

You can go with the plain white one or there’s red and black which have higher levels of antioxidants. If you would like to be really fancy, go for tri-colour!

Lentils are the most protein dense of all the whole plant foods, with a 240g can containing a whopping 21.6g.
They have high levels of the important muscle-building branch chain amino acids (valine, leucine and isoleucine). A recent study found them to be the most antioxidant-rich of all the legumes too.

This is because of their high surface area (where many plants concentrate their antioxidants) to mass ratio. My former training partner, 2014 Mr Universe Barny du Plessis ate them daily.

Berries are the ultimate antioxidant powerhouses. Not only do antioxidants protect against cancer and slow the ageing process, they also help massively with recovery from exercise.

Blackberries top the chart as the most antioxidant-rich UK berry, but Amla powder, made from the Indian Gooseberry, is the single highest antioxidant food in the world, with somewhere between one and two hundred times the power of the oft-lauded Blueberry.

Flaxseeds (Linseeds) make my list for both their extremely high levels of anti-inflammatory omega 3 essential fatty acids (important for recovery and disease prevention) and their ridiculously high amounts of lignan pre-cursors (100x more than any other food).

These polyphenols are transformed into cancer-fighting lignans by healthy gut bacteria.

50% of men that make it to age 85 will have prostate cancer. The men, with the highest levels of lignans in their prostate fluid, have the least incidences of prostate cancer.

One caveat is that ingestion should be limited to 1 Tbsp per day, as flax contains relatively high levels of cyanide. For this reason, I invite my clients to add in one to two Tbsp of ground chia seeds to make up any shortfall in omega 3.
I also consider it worthwhile to take a vegan DHA supplement, just a safeguard in case the client is one of the rare individuals that has trouble converting the plant omega 3 (ALA) into the long chain DHA.

Both chia and flaxseeds must be ground, else the body will not absorb any of the omega 3.

Fuelled by the desire to redress the damage he did when he was unaware it is unnecessary to eat animal products, Paul now tours the country giving talks on veganism and has appeared on TV and radio including the BBC World Service’s Newshour.

This former “meat-head” bouncer has been on one transformative journey!

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Interview with Paul!

What do you typically eat in a day?
Breakfast is typically either porridge or a smoothie but the ingredients are the same either way:

Oats, chopped dates, lots of frozen berries, chia seeds and flaxseeds with a scoop of Vivo Life Perform protein powder.

The next two meals will typically be identical which saves on cooking time.

Often a can’s worth of legumes (beans/chickpeas/lentils) with a wholegrain such as quinoa and a good amount of differently coloured vegetables.

I will have fruit and nuts with these meals.

Then in the evening time it’s a more elaborate meal cooked from whole plant foods.

Often it may be burgers or falafels (various types of beans, wholegrains and vegetables baked in the oven) and served with baked oil-free white sweet potato chips and a salad.

We may make a dressing with tahini and lemon juice.

What changes have you seen since you went vegan?
Huge benefits in physique and sports performance. My blood pressure has dropped significantly and is now optimal. My eye-sight improved by more than double and I now no longer suffer from hayfever or tendonitis.
Would you advise men to go vegan?
A healthy vegan diet can prevent the main killer of humans, heart disease.
Often it strikes without warning but sometimes men can get a clue.
There’s a rule called 40 over 40. That is, 40% of men over age 40 suffer with erectile dysfunction.
We used to think it was largely psychological. We now know it’s generally because the atherosclerosis that fills the large coronary arteries that feed the heart also clogs up the smaller arteries that feed the penis.
In addition to the health benefits, the vast majority of vegans are currently female and they all want vegan boyfriends! πŸ˜‰
Would you advise bodybuilders/ fitness experts to be plant based?
What changes have you seen in your body?
I’m in the best condition of my life which is pretty amazing considering I’m mid 40s! In fact one company paid me to model their underwear in a couple of my YouTube videos.
What changes have you seen in your fitness?
I used to train hard for 45 minutes as an omnivorous eater and then go home and crash, I now train for 1 1/2 hrs and feel totally unstoppable with ZERO crash.
What changes have you seen in your recovery time?
I recover much quicker from exercise and have TONNES more energy and enthusiasm for training!

Why should people head towards a more plant based diet?
It is superior in every way.
Prevents 14 out of the 15 leading causes of death in the western world (the other being accidents so just look where you’re going)!
Animal agriculture is the leading driver of most of the environmental destruction currently being visited upon the planet and we have precious little time to put it right before it’s too late.
And nobody wants to hurt animals if it’s unnecessary (it IS unnecessary)!


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