Which Nation has the greatest Six Nations team?

Which Nations has the greatest Six Nations team? There can […]

Which Nations has the greatest Six Nations team?

There can be no doubt that when it comes to national sporting pride then for the teams who compete in the annual northern hemisphere six Nations competition holding you r own and even just playing solid well performed rugby during the tournament is considered an achievment especially given the 2 out of the 4 semi finalists at the 2019 rugby world cup where northern hemisphere sides and in fact both were UK sides.

The Six Nations is with England, France, Wales, Scotland & Ireland the foremost competition in the Northern Hemisphere and many would argue globally and it certainly is right up there! there is no doubt about that!

With all of that in mind one asks …Which Nations has the greatest Six Nations team?

The answer highlights actually the great chasm between the top and bottom nations and yet the bottom nations are very high in the world rankings! Betway have compiled a neat little guide below in table form which is actuaally super user friendly!

There are actually a number of variables which affect this quite dramatically! For example the entire points system changed in 2017! Don’t worry though the compiler of the table below has allowed for that!

Many people actually believe that Wales are the no1 team! IT may surprise you to learn that not only are they not No1 they are not No2 or 3 either! They are number 4! People are totally perplexed by this because there record is so impressive! How could this be since Wales have won the title five times with 4 actual Grand slams which means they were totally undefeated by anyone that time 4 times!

The truth is Wales have actually won the most Grand slams! 

It just goes to show that the other variables greatly affect the entire picture! If it were simply a case of who had one the  most Grand slams then Wales would be ahead of anyone else! Yet the true picture reveals England greatly ahead of anyone else and yet undeniably Wales are the greatest winners of Grand Slams! Wales are rightly very very proud of their record. They are the winners of the greatest number of Grand Slams and this is reflective of the incredible flair and skills of the Welsh players and no wonder they contribute so many Lions Players really only England has more.

Please do enjoy the Six Nations Championship and we look forward to singing loudly for our favourite teams! 

Very Best wishes! The Rugby Rep Wales Six Nations Editor!