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Get fitter with Freeletics, the leading global fitness app, renowned for their personalised workouts which can help you to get into the shape of your life and become the best version of yourself.
With over 39 million users worldwide, Freeletics offers the world’s most advanced digital fitness coaching, powered by artificial intelligence and tailored to your individual preferences, goals and fitness level, offering bespoke training anywhere and anytime – no gym or equipment required.

Featuring an almost infinite number of HIIT workouts and many Training Journeys to choose from, Freeletics is suitable for any age and fitness level, including in-depth video tutorials and training instructions to guide users through proper training techniques and form, enhancing knowledge and reducing the risk of injury.

One lucky winner will win a three-month subscription the app, giving them access to the Freeletics Coach, a personal trainer in your pocket which guides you through your personalised Training Journey week by week, keeping track of your progress and giving you tailored, flexible workouts which fit into your busy lifestyle, eliminating any excuse you may have to skip a workout. Thanks to state-of-the-art AI technology, the Freeletics Coach is able to learn from millions of users worldwide, determining which workouts and exercises will work best for you, continually analysing your development to make sure you’re constantly challenged, motivated and progressing towards your goals.

Freeletics users have access to the extremely active and friendly Freeletics Community, which offers unparalleled support and guidance from Freeletics fans around the world. As a Coach user, you can also choose between a wide variety of Training Journeys including the new ‘Hybrid Running’ Journey, which combines core and lower body exercises with sprint intervals and distance runs to burn fat, improve running performance and increase cardiovascular stamina.
To be in with your chance to win, enter by Nov 1st 2019.

Freeletics Reinvents Running with new App Update

The leading AI fitness app announces an all-new running experience, with brand new ways to train for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals

Freeletics, the world’s fastest-growing digital fitness brand, launches a new way to run today. By integrating running into its globally successful personal training app, Freeletics now offers a unique running experience. “Hybrid Running” combines running and bodyweight training – with workout plans fresh to the market and designed to appeal to both runners and non-runners. “Hybrid Running” is just one of four innovative running Training Journeys which aim to change the way people run and exercise, available to over 38 million Freeletics users from today.

With this new update, Freeletics has integrated features and running workouts from its Freeletics Running app into its flagship app, expanding the app’s unique personal training portfolio even more to include bodyweight-only training, weights-based training, and now running training. All in one app, all powered by AI (artificial intelligence). This platform approach to fitness allows anyone looking to achieve any goal to pick and choose what type of training suits their experience, preferences and goals best, whilst giving them the ultimate flexibility to still exercise whenever, wherever and no matter what. With these changes, the world’s leading AI fitness app is taking another step towards its goal of becoming the most holistic and comprehensive fitness platform for people looking to become the greatest version of themselves, both mentally and physically.

Running and bodyweight HIIT: A match made in heaven
Few people enjoy pounding the pavement for miles on end – and it’s not as effective as it could be. This is why Freeletics now offers people a different route to their fitness goals. The “Hybrid Running” personal training plan combines core and lower body exercises with sprint intervals and distance runs to burn fat, improve running performance and increase cardiovascular stamina. This innovative combination of running and bodyweight HIIT (high intensity interval training) uses more energy than regular endurance training, targets more muscles than running alone and promotes the afterburn effect, so the body continues to burn calories after the workout is over. As a result, the Training Journey is a more efficient and effective way to burn calories and lose weight, plus the additional training variety reduces boredom and removes many hurdles non-runners face when first beginning to run.

Don’t just run
Unlike most running apps, the Freeletics take on running does not revolve around endless miles, tracking data and comparing graphs. Instead, the Freeletics app focuses on running smarter with specific training plans to achieve real results. This is why the running update also consists of an additional three Training Journeys: Run Further, Run Faster and Run & Burn. As their names suggest, each has been designed to help users reach their specific running goals in the most efficient way. To achieve this, the Freeletics Coach – an advanced digital personal trainer – uses AI to give every user a hyper-personalized workout experience. The Coach compares and learns from 38 million users and, by doing so, can tailor every week’s workout plan to any individual – down to a single exercise, so no two plans will be the same.

The Coach guides users through sprints, intervals, distance runs and bodyweight workouts while audio cues let runners know how much further to run and when it’s time for their rest before the next interval. Whether a user wants to start running, pick up speed, boost endurance or lose weight, there is a training plan for every fitness level and goal. The Coach even helps users overcome common excuses such as time, bad weather and lack of equipment with an innovative “Quick Adapt” feature.

Running the Freeletics way
With this new product update, Freeletics aims to bring a fresh perspective to running, both for seasoned runners and novices. ‘‘We know that running can be so much more than the aimless jogs, graphs and stats it has been reduced to,“ says CEO Daniel Sobhani. ‘‘We want to challenge the status quo and show the world that you can run differently with us: Smarter, faster and longer. We want to support people‘s long-term success, help them achieve their health and fitness goals and reach greater heights than ever before. This isn’t just running – this is running done the Freeletics way.‘‘

For more information on Freeletics, visit To download the Freeletics app for free, visit the App Store or Google Play Store.

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