ActiveEdge is the key ingredient rugby world cup teams are using to enhance their performance! >>

ActiveEdge is the key ingredient rugby world cup teams are using to enhance their performance

CherryActive and BeetActive is the Rugby elite’s sporting secret


The Rugby World cup commences on the 20th of September. Teams made up of the strongest athletes from all around the globe competing in Tokyo to be crowned champions. Rugby is one of the most physically demanding sports out there; professional players opt for strict diets, training regimes and supplements to enable them to perform their best on the pitch. The ActiveEdge range is well established in the sporting world, with some of the best national teams providing it to their players. Made from 100% plant-based ingredients and being naturally rich with nutrients it’s proven to give an edge to sporting performance.

England, Scotland, Ireland and France have all bought ActiveEdge products to help players perform their best. All ActiveEdge products provide players with an additional energy source. In particular, CherryActive is great for aiding a speedy natural recovery, improving endurance, fuelling the body and improving the quality of post workout sleep; important factors athletes at any level should take into consideration. Ed Tooley, a rugby performance nutritionist recommends to professional rugby teams that they should take CherryActive “to support recovery leading towards competition”.

BeetActive is also recommended by Tooley, as it enhances “endurance performance”, helping players train and compete at higher intensities for longer. Most injuries in a match are caused in the second half[1], as the initial energy from the start can dwindle. BeetActive provides longevity in maintaining power; providing that boost to keep playing at one’s best.

ActiveEdge products provide benefits for anyone who partakes in fitness or sport, regardless of level and intensity. Common exercise related problems, which include muscle soreness and fatigue, affects everyone at some point making it worth investing in ways to prepare and take care. CherryActive contains Montmorency cherries containing high levels of anthocyanins – these compounds have been proven[2] to reduce inflammation and deactivate harmful free radicals, which occur during exercise.

CherryActive comes in bottles, sachets or capsule formats, to suit all lifestyles. When taking CherryActive for exercise purposes, take the product 30 mins post training/game. For the best effect and to see full benefits CherryActive should be taken daily for a month.

CherryActive RRP: 237ml £8.99, 473ml £15.99. Capsules 30s, £10.99.

BlueberryActive RRP: 237ml £9.99, 473ml £15.99. Capsules 30s, £8.99.

BeetActive RRP: 237ml £5.99, 473ml £11.49.

PomegranateActive RRP: 237ml £7.49, 473ml £12.

CherryActive, BlueberryActive and BeetActive are available from Holland and Barrett and other good health stores.

PomegranateActive is available in general health stores.

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