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Get more fun out of your bubble parties by stopping the magic bubble recipe from spilling while you play. Even plan a bubbly adventure in cold weather without worrying about getting all wet and cold. And yes, even play indoors without trashing the house!

We’re a family like yours — on the go, four kids, and bubbles have always been easy to pack and make great entertainment.
But we began to notice that when we’d whip out the bubble wands at picnic and park outings, the fun stopped whenever we had to change a drenched shirt, or throw out soapy food, or wipe soap out of little eyes (with a crying child, of course!). Our smaller ones occasionally flipped over a bottle entirely, leading to soap everywhere and, once again, tears.

Luckily, Dad is an experienced entrepreneur and knew that a solution was just an invention away. Bubble Saver was born and is the result of collaboration from all over the world: Invented in Denmark, drawn in Uganda, designed in Argentina, and built in China — with environmentally friendly products and processes, because that’s important to us, too.
We wanted to upgrade this classic game so that we and families everywhere could enjoy every “POP!” and soapy drop of fun, and we believe we’ve succeeded with Bubble Saver. Click here to learn how it works or here to go ahead and get your pack of two.

Pounce on your opportunity to sell a product that’s the first of its kind.
Children enjoy simple pleasures, so the timeless classics never fail. Bubbles are an old-time favourite that’s easy to play with. Except for the potential mess it can make.

Because of this, parents may shy away from bubbles and choose tidier activities instead. Make sure your bubble bottles fly off the shelves by eliminating the mess factor. Bubble Saver is a straightforward, re-usable product that replaces the original bottle caps. The result? No accidental spills.

This patented product is the first of its kind and revolutionizes play time with bubbles. It is an indispensable companion to any soap bubble kit purchase. All you have to do is ensure the Bubble Saver is placed directly next to your bubble kits. The combination is sure to catch parents’ eyes.

Place bubble products with BubbleSaver as an impulse buy next to the check-out tills – kids will love the bubbles, and Mum and Dad will love the BubbleSaver!

This patented and innovative cap for bubble toys solves the age old problem of spilled bubbles and unhappy kids. BubbleSaver screws onto the tube securely and replace the original bubble toy cap.
This invention provides hours of uninterrupted fun for children. The bubble bottle can be turned completely upside down without any leakage. A silicone slit in the middle lets people of all ages easily dip and retract the wand with no hindrance.

Affordable and eco friendly, BubbleSaver is something every family can enjoy without any guilt. All of the packagings are made of recyclable material, and the product itself is made following European conformity standards. This revolutionary add-on will make soap bubbles for kids an activity parents look forward to, not dread.
About BubbleSaver:
BubbleSaver is a Danish, ecofriendly product made by an experienced entrepreneur who built a globally successful SaaS platform. But Jakob always dreamed of making a physical product. He had a sympathetic understanding of the pains of messy, spilled bubble bottles. With a family of 6, this happened all too often. And thus, BubbleSaver was born. Tested by children, this product is a massive hit with people of all ages. Families can enjoy bubbles without distraction or interruptions.
BubbleSavers come in packs of two and have a Recommended Retail Price of £5.99 and be purchased wholesale ex-shipping by retailers from between £2.00 and £1.30 per unit depending upon quantity.


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