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Does Ear Candling Help with Sinuses?

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Harmonys Quick Points:
Ear Candling is a homebased tradition that has been based down from family to family over several generations.
Ear Candling is simple and easy but should always be done with a second person for safety.
Relax your sinuses and body while ear candling to help relieve pressure for optimal well being.
With Spring in full swing seasonal allergies, allergies and airborne allergies are at an all-time
high which means that you can have a cough, runny nose, sore throat and overall major issues
with your sinuses. But what is the best way to combat seasonal allergies, regular allergies and airborne allergies, when over the counter medications just won’t work? Have you tried ear candling? This homebased therapy is known to help ease the discomfort associated with many ailments that could be affecting your everyday life.

What is an Ear candle and what is ear candling?

An ear candle is a cone-shaped waxed cloth that is lit and then inserted into the ear to
help the body reach a relaxed state. Ear candling is not a new type of therapy. It has been passed down from generation to generation in many different countries like Poland, Italy, Columbia, Mexico and the USA. Today ear candling therapy is best used to help those who are having stressful issues and difficulty relaxing.
How do you ear candle?
When you are practicing ear candling it is important to make sure that you are using a
high-quality ear candle to make sure that you are best protected. This would include an ear candle that is made with certified organic cotton (to avoid breathing in pesticide contaminants), a burn line label (to avoid any confusion as to when to remove the ear candle from the ear) and a patented safety tip (just in case).
When you are ear candling, always light the ear candle first, insert it through a cut hole in a paper plate (or put a towel around the ear) and then insert the NON lit end into the ear. When the ear candle is lit it helps the body to begin to relax and release extra tension and stress. While ear candling the body can float through the three stages of relaxation (beta, alpha, and theta) thus helping oneself to return to a state of natural wellbeing, naturally.

How can ear candling help with sinuses?

Although using ear candling will not treat, heal or cure any issues you are having with your
sinuses it can help your sinus passages to relax and release naturally. It helps your body by allowing you to go into deep relaxation. When you are in this deep relaxation your body is allowed to slowly return to its natural homeostasis, which would be able to fight any infections naturally. Ear candles help boost your immune system when you relax and destress naturally.
When you are practicing ear candle therapy there are three main levels that help with healing
your body, including your sinuses. Of course, there is the fact that one is lying down and relaxing … however, this is not like a nap at all! The warmth from the smoke is gentle and soothing, the sound reminds one of an open camp fire or a sea shell on ones ear, hearing the ocean and the actual energy of the ear candle could be stimulating for reflexology points within the ear.
Did you know that everyone’s head area contains three chakras, each ear contains over 50 reflexology points and the head contains 8 of the meridian pathways end or starting point. This is a LOT of energy points contained in such a central location. Why not provide a relaxing moment for all of them?
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