Get All Set For Halloween with John Adams “Gross Magic” It’s Revolting!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gross Magic AGE 7-9, 10-12

Gross Magic is just revolting, it’s the most extreme thing in magic! The magic is back, but this time it’s in the toilet!Gross Magix plumbs new depths in bad taste (and bad breath). Pull rubbish from an empty dustbin, convince your friends you’re handling them freshly hatched cockroaches and magically clean a piece of ‘used’ toilet paper.ContentsInstruction booklet
2 x elastic bands
Small metal ring
2 x bogie paddles
1 x small pot with lid
1 x large pot with lid
Plastic box and lid
Card cube
Squidgy brain
Loose tooth
Brown slime
1 x long vein
1 x medium
1 x short vein
Dustbin with base and lid
Dustbin lid liner
4 x large sponge bogies
8 x small sponge bogies
Cockroach egg envelope
2 x cockraocj
6 x poo cards
Toilet roll machine and paper

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