The five most popular Halloween outfits this year!

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The five most popular Halloween outfits this year


Halloween will be knocking on your door on the 31st of October this year which means it’s time to start carving your pumpkins, stocking up on sweets and deciding what spooky costumes you are going to wear. Over a quarter of Australians will celebrate the annual festival and take to the streets to trick-or-treat and attend Halloween parties.1
“The demand for Halloween costumes has grown over 500% over the last ten years, showing the increasing popularity,” says CostumeBox Co-Founder Nikki Yeaman. ”It is definitely no longer considered an ‘American only’ celebration.”
Whether you’re dressing up as your favourite movie character or classic scary villain, these five trending costumes are sure to give your family and friends ‘pumpkin’ to talk about:

1. Creepy Clown

Keep away from the drains and avoid the red balloons this Halloween because Pennywise is back! Start clowning around and terrifying both children and adults with CostumeBox’s ‘IT Chapter 2 Pennywise Adult Costume Kit’. The kit comes with Pennywise’s signature wild orange hair attached to a white bald front. The costume also includes a white neck ruffle with two matching ruffled wrist cuffs so you can creep out anyone who is petrified of clowns this Halloween.
“Evil clowns are now our most popular Halloween category, and have truly surpassed Zombies as the preferred creepy costume choice,” says Nikki. “This is no doubt spurred on by the It movies and the new Joker.”
RRP: $51.99

2. Zombie Bride

Take your dog on a walk down the aisle this Halloween with these matching CostumeBox ‘Zombie Bride Girls Costume’ and ‘Puppy Love Bride Pet Costumes’. The girls costume comes with a tattered wedding dress with intricate white skull lace overlay, blotches of red blood, a red rose, veil and faux bouquet so you and your dog can scare away your wedding guests by becoming the walking dead. Apply some white face paint and add some fake blood to your dog’s dress to complete the ultimate matching Zombie Bride outfit. Til death do us part!
RRP: from $34.99

3. Handmaiden

Take a step into a horrifying dystopian future this Halloween with CostumeBox’s ‘The Maiden Women’s Costume’. The costume includes a red robe, attached hood, a white bonnet and sleevets, allowing you to bring out your inner Offred and break all of Gilead’s patriarchal rules. Praise be!
RRP: $58.99

4. Eleven

Tap into your psychokinetic abilities and turn up your costume game from a ten to eleven this Halloween with CostumeBox’s ‘Stranger Things Elevens Blue Women’s Jacket.’ You can discover the sinister truth of Hawkins by also wearing the ‘Elevens Pink Dress’, ‘Blonde Wig’ and ‘Knee High Socks’ to finish the look.
RRP: from $14.99

5. Zombie Mum

Mums, come as you aren’t… or are this Halloween with CostumeBox’s ‘Zombie Mum Women’s Costume.’ Although most mothers already feel like the living dead every day, this costume takes it to the next level including a pink dress with a ragged hemline, a light pink floral gown and a pair of tights with purple and blue veins printed on them. This costume comes with everything you need to become a flesh eating zombie, ready to frighten your kids and neighbours this Halloween.
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