Ski and snowboard instruction at Chill Factore, Manchester.



Ski and snowboard instruction at Chill Factore, Manchester.


Chill Factore is ‘snow-ing’ open its doors this National Fitness Day – by encouraging people to come and give its exhilarating snowsports a go and burn some calories to boot!

National Fitness Day (September 25 2019) is being billed as the most active day of the year, when young and old alike come together to celebrate the fun of fitness across the UK.

And Chill Factore – officially the UK’s longest indoor snow slope – is taking part by offering a special 2 for 1 on Fun Taster lessons and 2 for 1 Lift Passes to encourage people to get active together and maybe even try snowsports for the first time.

To highlight its fitness-boosting credentials, Chill Factore conducted a sub-zero study into the health benefits of a session on the slopes, teaming up with Manchester-based top personal trainer, Dominique Binns, and TV psychologist, Emma Kenny, to assess the results.

The study saw expert instructors from Chill Factore and their students take to the North West’s only real snow slope for ski and snowboard lessons with their calories burned and heart rates being carefully monitored.

And the findings revealed that not only does skiing boost your mental wellbeing (due the exhilaration as you whizz down the 180 meter long slope), it is also excellent for physical fitness.

Findings showed that an hour of skiing burnt over 350 calories for women and 400 calories for men, whilst snowboarding burnt just over 400 calories for both men and women – meaning that if you were to take a full day lesson, you could burn between 2,000 – 2,400 calories. Impressive, right?

A closer look at data also revealed an average heart rate of 130BPM during ski and snowboard lessons, showing that the short, spurts of energy produced really do increase your heart rate – a surefire way to boost fitness levels.

Personal trainer, Dominique Binns, said: “High intensity interval training (or HIIT) is a major trend in the industry right now and works by alternating intense bursts of exercise with rest periods – and skiing and snowboarding work in exactly the same way.

“It’s those cardiovascular bursts working the heart and lungs that improve aerobic capacity and burn more calories, alongside lowering blood pressure and improving insulin levels.

“A ski or snowboard lesson is also the perfect lower body workout – ideal for toning and strengthening your muscles. All those twists and turns as you navigate the slope work to engage your core as you stabilise your body. Plus, that downhill squat position will do wonders for your bottom!”

On the mental health benefits TV psychologist, Emma Kenny, said: “Skiing and snowboarding have the power to positively affect every element of your life. Setting yourself a goal automatically increases a sense of personal resilience, which is linked to boosting mental wellbeing.”

Chill Factore CEO Morwenna Angove said: “We know how much fun skiing and snowboarding can be, but our sub-zero study proves just how good it is for health and fitness.

“The freezing temperatures here at Chill Factore also help to increase metabolism, as the body has to work harder to get to keep warm, resulting in an even tougher workout.

“Let’s not forget all those mood-boosting endorphins too – fitness makes you feel great. I’d encourage everyone to give it a go and try something new this National Fitness Day.”

Beat the peak season rush and learn to ski or snowboard now taking advantage of Chill Factore’s National Fitness Day 2 for 1 Fun Tasters and Lift Passes Offer .

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