www.body-systems.net… GO ESSENTIALS SET is everything needed for post workout!

GO ESSENTIALS SET is everything needed for post workout!



Natural and healthy skin/body products for athletes and
active lifestyles. Their GO ESSENTIALS SET is everything needed for
post workout. They also offer individual products like the Postworkout
Balm, Shampoo Bar, Natural Deodorant, and Muscle Soaks.

Who are we? What do we do? We make small batch skin and body products free of toxins that help you lead a more active and more healthy life. Boom. Leasing a healthier life for you and your loved ones isn’t just about more movement, clean eating and drinking more water. It’s also what ingredients you are applying to your skin. Your skin is absorbing up to 100% of the ingredients applied topically. You wouldn’t eat chemicals so stop absorbing them too! We carry everything from hair/body soap, lotions, balms, masks, bath bombs, to body scrub, mineral bath soaks and facial care. Live a truly healthy lifestyle and make your skin happy too! Now get shopping !

Body Systems’ Founder, Teri Patterson is a Certified Fitness Instructor and Health Coach, and she’s taking your workout/nutrition/active questions on our private Facebook page Thursday 8/8 Join in the conversation. Link in profile! 🌸

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