Book ! Beyond the Division Paperback by Mann Hyung Hur!

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Beyond the Division Paperback
by Mann Hyung Hur


Pilsung and Soon are star-crossed lovers. He is from South Korea, and she is from the North. Their love is so forbidden that when Pilsung tells his boss, she immediately is worried about the police finding out. Soon escapes from North Korea after the shutdown of the Gaeseong Industrial Complex and plans to faker her own death with the help of a police officer in South Korea. Pilsung is out of the loop and spends most of the story looking for his love, not realizing she is supposed to be dead. Soon has been watching Pilsung’s every move, waiting for the right time to reveal herself, only to be heartbroken when she misunderstands a close bond between friends. She decides to leave him, but Pilsung flies to Yanbian to look for her and attempts to smuggle himself into North Korea.

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