‘Tis the season for romance Innovative board game lets people to act out their own ‘romcom’ this Christmas! www.fogoflove.com/buy

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‘Tis the season for romance
Innovative board game lets people to act out
their own ‘romcom’ this Christmas!



Rather than snuggling up to watch Love Actually for the umpteenth time this Christmas, why not act out your very own romcom? Fog of Love is a brand-new board game where players roleplay as couples in various stages of a relationship – the perfect gift for friends who’ve always fancied themselves as the star of their very own love story!

A game for two players who don’t actually have to be a real-life couple at all, Fog of Love is a premium board game charting the ups and downs of relationships and romance. Players create their fictional character by choosing an occupation and selection of personality traits, then help define their partner by revealing the three things that first attracted them to each other. Then, in each scene of their ‘movie’, players have to make choices like where to go for a birthday treat, whether to stand up to their partner’s parents or what to say when quizzed about that mystery person they met for lunch. The outcome of these real-life scenarios, combined with the unique character traits, determine the game’s direction and how their love story will end… the aim being to work together to reach the same relationship goal!
Just like a real relationship, though, the goals won’t always align – so, when a shy partner doesn’t want to have a big public display of affection at the airport, it’s bad news for their sensitive spouse’s insecurities! Every moment and decision impacts how the love story ends.

Danish Creator of Fog of Love, Jacob Jaskov, wanted to create a game he could play with his wife that didn’t focus on winning or losing, but on telling fun, memorable stories.

Unlike the usual competitive game of Monopoly at Christmas that usually ends in stressful rows, Fog of Love’s collaborative game-play brings people together as they navigate their fictitious relationship. It’s screen-free and also gender-neutral, meaning players are free to create any characters and relationships they want and, much like a video game, there’s a tutorial built-in to the game as soon as you open the box – so players learn the rules as they play and can start experiencing their romantic comedy straight away! Expansion packs with more scenarios, as well as same-sex box covers are now available.

The game is beautifully designed using high-quality wooden pieces and water-coloured illustrated cards to set the romantic mood and has been universally praised by board game reviewers for its innovation and gameplay. It’s the perfect gift this Christmas and a must-have for every household. For two players, RRP £47.99 and available from all good board game shops, find one on www.fogoflove.com/buy

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