Introducing Nora by LOVENSE.

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Introducing Nora by LOVENSE.


The Original Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator

Designed to pleasure your G-spot!

Nora’s Innovative Design

We’ve revolutionized rabbit vibrators.

Smartphone control makes solo play, foreplay or long distance play easier!

Connect Nora to a Bluetooth-enabled device and you will see a control panel in our smartphone app or PC/MAC software. Total set-up time for all devices is just a few minutes! After you connect once, your device will automatically remember it.
Of course, you can also control the vibrator using the buttons on the handle.

One-Year Warranty
The Lovense team has been developing high tech vibrators since 2009! Nora is the result of years of development and is designed to live up to your needs and expectations. By working with our users, both the hardware and software has been continually perfected to live up to meet your needs.

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